Written By: Meenakshi Baiswar

Recruitment in Pharmaceutical Industry requires a high understanding of technical aspects of various positions. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their technical expertise and their ability to understand the culture and working of this fast pace Industry in Global Environment. Since working is carried out in a Global environment, all the Organisations require the best resources for their functioning. Almost all the departments in Pharma, demand people specifically on the basis of their experience in a particular market (Regulated, ROW & Domestic). This is one of the differentiating factors of the Pharmaceutical Industry from other Industries and one of the major challenges too. The Audits are very stringent and thus the Industry demands strong people with good domain knowledge to represent the Organisations. People work in Organisations for long periods and become the face of the company, it is a challenge in itself to move these people in the industry because they are always retained by the companies with higher compensation and perks.

Most of the talented candidates usually keep switching among top 15-20 companies, demanding good positions and compensation.There are few recognized faces in the Industry who are always in the preferred list of the Organisations.Competitor redundancies, downsizing,relocation and drug failure may provide an excellent opportunity for the other companies to attract talent on their side. The head hunters have to be properly updated with the vacant positions and the apt understanding of which head fits in where.Thus complete mapping of this dynamic Industry is required for successful recruitment. Proper on time strategies have to be made ahead of time to make the best talent available for the positions.

Meenakshi Baiswar

Meenakshi is working as a Senior Manager in Resonacle.