Written ByAliya Mulla

It’s my pleasure to share the experience with Resonacle.

I joined Resonacle in August/2013 as a Senior Consultant, Resonacle is more like a family than a typical work sphere..

It is one of the best fastest growing Recruitment consultancy. The work environment here is very good. I feel proud to be a part of this  firm which provides  good opportunities to showcase individual talent.

Secret of success is workplace & cultures, which include open lines of communication, a clear organizational mission, work-life flexibility and competitive pay and benefits. And not to forget, fun.

Let me start with my first day at Resonacle…

When I got a call from RESONACLE, they dictated one assignment with No JD & just a basic information & expected me to share at least 5 suitable profiles on the same day….

It was his way of assigning the work & probably his trust in me as we both were previously professionally  oriented..

& since then it’s been a wonderful journey…

At Resonacle there are endless opportunities to advance your a career, to grow your level of professional expertise, & enhance your set of skills, knowledge and experience that makes you an asset to your organization. The management is very supportive of your ideas and suggestions.

Telecommuting is permitted, flexible schedule. The company offers good benefits, and also provides additional training to continue learning new skills.

There is a lot of quality work, & a lot to learn and explore your limit.

But at the same time the management tries to reduce the work pressure by indulging entire team into team game which has proved to be very helpful.

                                                                       Aliya Mulla

Aliya is working as Senior Consultant at Resonacle. She has a strong understanding of Recruitment.