In the HR sector of pharmaceutical industry, HR solutions were not up to the mark. Consultants and recruiters lacked knowledge about the technical aspects of this industry. This gave us the platform to distinguish ourselves from others and thus, we became one of the few HR consultancy firms specialized in the pharmaceutical domain.
With the rise in demand of talented individuals in this sector, we strive to become the bridge between the organization and the employees.
Our ability to provide a suitable candidate for your organization stems from our thorough knowledge of both management as well as technical understanding of the pharmaceutical sector.
Resonacle is a consultancy firm that brings up talent and places them in right place. Resonacle is the service provider of choice for smart recruitment solutions delivered through the unique blend of skills that are being provided by our experts.
Resonacle believes in hard work and dedication towards delivering quality services to the clients.
At Resonacle, we believe that Human Resource is the life and soul of an organization. Our team of experts is specialized to find the perfect candidates who are not only qualified but also highly skilled and dedicated towards the job.


Our understanding of the pharmaceutical industry from the management and technical point of view helps us to find the perfect candidate fulfilling the organization’s needs.


We specialize in providing candidates for R & D, Sales and Distribution, Clinical and Manufacturing sectors of pharmaceutical industries. We have successfully placed number of Scientists as well as Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Head of Regulatory Affairs and other related positions in many reputed pharmaceutical companies.


Our team of experts is dedicated in finding the right person for the right designation. Our customized search methodologies enable us to provide better HR solutions, which result in enhancing the productivity of the organization.For us, success is client satisfaction.